About Us



K Squared Advanced Natural Hair Studios is a one stop natural hair care centre that combines the use of natural hair and scalp care products and techniques with modern diagnostic tools and treatment protocols to provide an unparalleled service and proven results. Opened in 2014, K squared has grown from a hair design studio to an advanced hair care centre which includes a hair and scalp clinic , a natural hair spa, as well as hair design studio to ensure you look your best, be it for a day in a park, a business meeting, a wedding or that special night out. At K Squared Advanced Natural Hair Studios we only use nature derived ingredients in the formulation of our in-house hair treatment and hair care regimens. We ensure that all our staff are well trained to provide you with the highest level of care during your treatments. We believe a visit to the salon should be about relaxation, pampering and care. We don’t believe in fancy packaging or elaborate décor, just like you we appreciate clean, simple and functional spaces that respect your privacy. We pride ourselves with our people centric approach to business – we will never compromise on customer care, quality services and products

At K Squared, we understand that your natural hair is as unique as you are. A one size fits all approach will not give you the very best results, to achieve this we use state of the art treatment delivery machines and high tech diagnostic equipment such as:

Microscopes: The cause of hair problems usually lies at the root of the hair in and around the bulb. where the root grows and reproduces.

Micro dermabrasion tools: Follicle health and the activity of the blood vessels required to feed the hair bulb are crucial for a healthy health scalp and health hair.

Infra red Technology: Our Far Infrared Ray (FIR) hair dryers and treatment application apparatus, provide healthy heating to preserve moisture in the hair and revitalize the scalp.

Steam Technology: Steamers assist with regaining natural healthy hair with the power of water! Our micro mist technology treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations....

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With our chosen triple bottom line approach to business we recognise our responsibility to care for the environment and the people around us, we therefore commit ourselves to live by the following values:

PURITY, we will run an environmentally friendly operation and we will not use harmful chemicals, sulphates, parabens or mineral oils

KINDNESS, our products will be subject to strict toxicological tests but they will not be tested on animals.

DEVELOPMENTAL, our ingredients will be sourced from previously ignored communities and small holding farmers in South Africa to raise their sources of income and improve their economic wellbeing.

QUALITY, our products will be functional, effective and safe.


Each member of the K Squared Advanced Natural Hair Studios is a trained technician who has undergone at least 3 months of in service training and is certified to have sufficient expertise in their assigned area of service. Our team is made up of:

Hair Technicians: Trained to diagnose, recommend/apply treatment for hair and scalp concerns. manage progress charts, conduct intake assessments and in certain instances style hair.

Hair Stylists: Trained to style natural hair with minimal damage to scalp and hair, as well as recommend suitable after care products and protective hairstyles to support treatment course.

Treatment Specialists: Trained as Indian head masseuse and shampooers our treatment specialist have been trained to comply with the very stringent standard operating procedures for the various treatment applications to ensure a standardised experience and predictable treatment result.

Refresher Specialist: Trained to ensure that you are treated in a clean hygienic environment with properly disinfected equipment and towels. Our refresher specialists will cater for your needs as our guest to ensure worry free comfort

Client Service Managers: Trained as brand ambassadors they will welcome and look after you to ensure that we live up to our promise of exceptional customer service and attention to detail.