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Our Technology

At K Squared, we understand that your natural hair is as unique as you are. A one size fits all approach will not give you the very best results, to achieve this we use state of the art treatment delivery machines and high tech diagnostic equipment such as:

Our Technology

Microscopes: The cause of hair problems usually lies at the root of the hair in and around the bulb. where the root grows and reproduces. Our analysis performs a microscopic investigation of top potential or current problems with your hair's health. Our Microscopic Analysis allows us to see the reproducing matrix of hair cells. A close analysis allows us to identify common root problems, such as dirt and styling product build-up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, and lack of hair nutrition.

Micro dermabrasion tools: Follicle health and the activity of the blood vessels required to feed the hair bulb are crucial for a healthy health scalp and health hair. Our microdermabrasion tools are designed to stimulates the deeply sleeping hair follicle using vibrating massage heads to promotes metabolism and to advance the absorbency of hair follicles and fully exert the effect of in house hair-growth activation serums.

Infra red Technology: Our Far Infrared Ray (FIR) hair dryers and treatment application apparatus, provide healthy heating to preserve moisture in the hair and revitalize the scalp. FIR penetrates to the center of hair and heats the hair inside out allowing for faster drying. At the same time, FIR invigorates the scalp, increases blood flow, improves hair texture and stimulates new hair growth.

Steam Technology: Steamers assist with regaining natural healthy hair with the power of water! Our micro mist technology treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that permeate deep into hair follicles. This creates a sensation for the customer that is often referred to as smooth and relaxing, while at the same time provides effective treatment for hair that is damaged by perms and coloring.

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