Its all fun and games until you have split hair, a knot and a tangle

Finding the elusive healthy hair end

There are numerous reasons why your hear breaks - Knowing what to look for and what causes it may help you understand the causes and what you and you and your hair technician can do to minimize your hair breakage and help you grow naturally healthy & strong hair.

traditional Split End
Baby Split End
Triple Split End
Double Split End
incomplete Split End
Long Split End
Thickening Hair
Taper/ Thining
Double Y Split End
knoted Split End
Braids Lint & Gunk
Tree & Feather Split End
With all this said its quite easy to protect your hair split, tangle and knot free.

This is what you need to do.

Have regular salon visits, keep a good moisture protein balance, avoid excessive pulling and manipulation, stay away from harsh chemical treatments – wear satin/silk head gear to sleep. Nature Has GIVEN us all we need Keep it Natural!